<center>Amber Espar</center>

Amber Espar

Ensemble Director
<center>Anne Ellinger</center>

Anne Ellinger

Writer and strategist & Founding member

<center>Christopher Ellinger</center>

Christopher Ellinger

<center>Tonia Pinheiro</center>

Tonia Pinheiro

Bookkeeper & Founding member
<center>Mary Elizabeth Wheeler</center>

Mary Elizabeth Wheeler

Client Partnership Coordinator


Amy Tai (President)

is an educator, musician, peer counseling teacher, community organizer, climate change activist and  mother of a home schooled son.  She currently teaches violin at the Suzuki School of Newton.

Tonia Pinheiro (Treasurer)

is founder of Wake Up! Works, Iseeu Theater, is an improvisational singer and actor, and a trainer of diverse groups in improv, Playback, and cultural skills development. She moderates an international affinity group of BIPOC Playback Theatre practitioners. Tonia has more than 35 years experience in organizational management, human resources, the study of the human condition, and interpersonal communications.

Christopher Ellinger (Executive Director)

is the founding director of True Story Theater, a trainer, presenter and award-winning author.

Barbara Baker

is a community health worker at the Rhode Island Parent Network and producer and writer of Ocean’s Awakenings, a film project through the lens of a colon cancer survivor.

Maria Tereza Schaedler-Luera

Maria Tereza is a Brazilian-born teaching artist and consultant with extensive work experience and knowledge in theater, music, arts and literacy, and cross-cultural engagement.

Max Roberts-Zirker (Clerk)

is the Deputy Director of Shambhala Boston where he is a teacher in the Shambhala Buddhist tradition.  He ​h​elps to lead conversations about the intersections of identity and spiritual life. He has a background in arts and non-profit administration

Jeff Perrott

is an artist, activist, and full-time dad.

Priscilla Sanville

is Professor Emerita at Lesley University where she directed the Arts, Community and Education master’s program.

Phillip Speiser

is Director at Parkside Arts and Health Associates in Jamaica Plain​ and formerly Director of Arts Therapy at the Whittier Street Health Center.