<center>Amber Espar</center>

Amber Espar

Business manager
<center>Anne Ellinger</center>

Anne Ellinger

Writer and strategist
<center>Christopher Ellinger</center>

Christopher Ellinger

<center>Tonia Pinheiro</center>

Tonia Pinheiro



Maureen Scully (President)

was interim dean and is now a faculty member at U.Mass. Boston, College of Management. She has been on the faculty of MIT Sloan School of Management, the Research Faculty at the Center for Gender in Organizations at the Simmons School of Management, and a Faculty Research Consultant for the Aspen Institute Business and Society Program.

Gene Diaz (Secretary) 

has been at Lesley University as a faculty member in creative arts and learning, associate provost, and co-director of the Creativity Commons at Lesley.  She is a visual artist.

Tonia Pinheiro (Treasurer)

is founder of Wake Up! Works, Iseeu Theater, and is an improvisational singer and actor. She has trained groups like teen leaders and incarcerated men in improv, and she moderates an international network of Playback Theatre musicians. She has more than 35 years experience in organizational management, human resources, the study of the human condition, and interpersonal communications.

Bruce Hoppe

is the founder and president of Connective Associates LLC, has helped organizations large and small to improve productivity, innovation, and leadership with a network perspective. He co-founded Arlington PorchFest and is especially passionate about designing, facilitating, and evaluating collaborative learning and impact.

Patrick Hughes

is a private practice clinician, (with an LHMC, and RDT) and an educator.  He is on faculty at Lesley University in Cambridge, MA, where he has taught a variety of courses including drama therapy clinical supervision, standards and ethics, and psychopathology.  He is on the board of North American Drama Therapy Association, where he currently serves as Ethics chair.

Dr. Kumkum Pareek Malik

is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist with an Eastern, mind-body-soul approach to the work of Motherhood. She uses an Integrative theoretical approach, with an emphasis on relational and psychodynamic theory, and Mind Body medicine.