True Story Theater online

In March 2020, when the pandemic turned our world upside down so we couldn’t perform in person, True Story Theater quickly started learning how to perform online.

To our delight, we saw that our theatre could still do its magic on Zoom: offering playful creativity, respectful listening, and meaningful connection.  We discovered new approaches to ensemble acting, we found ways to make use of the technology to build interactive community among the audience members.

In our 2020-21 season, True Story Theater offered over a hundred performances, workshops and classes, all online.

To get a taste of our theatre online…

please view these two short clips from shows about the pandemic:

Connecting to neighbors

Mental health challenges and family

If you’re unfamiliar with the overall format of a performance of Playback Theatre, please browse this page: how a show works.

We’re eagerly awaiting you to invite us to perform for your group!