3 minutes each: clips from several shows


This performance, for the Arlington Public Library, was the first of our Community Partners series, helping four Arlington organizations tell the story of their contributions to the community.

The 3-1/2 minute news segment, created by Arlington Cable TV, gives a good quick sense of Playback.  Keep in mind that this was a public show with children in the audience, while most of our performances are for private groups of adults, often exploring more serious themes.


In this clip below, view 3-minutes from True Story Theater’s live performance for “Elder economic and personal safety” with the Arlington Council on Aging at Arlington Town Hall on June 24, 2014 filmed by ACMi.


Here’s a 99-second glimpse of the powerful Playback Theatre work by sister companies of True Story Theater across North America….


Watch 3 minutes of a story about family secrets, from our show on the theme “We are all families” in partnership with the Diversity Task Group.
Used with permission.