Cultural skills training

Cultural skills training

When we face challenges
turned upside down by change
in our organizations, communities, and the world

We can benefit from:

  • strengthening respect and understanding across differences
  • releasing stress in the face of challenging change
  • building creative flow and have fun together

True Story offers you several kinds of trainings to meet these needs.
Your program can be tailored based on your specific situation and people.

Choose from among:

Bring to:

  • A retreat
  • An in-service training
  • A celebratory event (such as a re-gathering of your community

Audition announcement

Audition for True Story Theater

True Story Theater’s mission is to promote social healing through interactive theater. We bring improvisational storytelling theatre to constituencies across Greater Boston: homeless vets, anti-racism activists, cancer survivors, immigrants, teen leaders, and many others.  

We especially welcome men, people of color, non-binary or binary trans individuals to join our creative ensemble. Have any friends who fit this description?  This is a spectacular opportunity for the right person!

Once trained, you can perform as your schedule allows. We have gigs day and evening, on weekdays and weekends. The minimum time contributed per member is about one rehearsal and one performance a month.

Intrigued? We are offering audtions on a “rolling basis” this season. Please read the audition info page.  If you have not studied Playback Theatre, attend the classes or open rehearsals before auditioning.  We hope to hear from you!

For more info email

Playback Theater Classes

Playback Theatre is an intimate unique form of improvisational embodied storytelling based on empathetic listening. It started over 40 years ago and is practiced in 60 countries. 

Whether you’re a veteran actor or the very thought of being on stage fills you with fright, our classes offer a satisfying and fun experience.  We create an informal, connective and environment where even complete beginners feel comfortable and affirmed.  Newcomers uncover their ability to trust and express themselves. Experienced improvisers bring their skills to a new level of authenticity and emotional depth. Everyone sharpens their ability to listening and empathize — essential skills for everyday relationships.

Classes take place at True Story Theater’s home studio in East Arlington (note: space is up one flight of stairs).  Fine to try one class. See our event calendar for next classes.

For details, see our website,

Email to reserve your space

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“Stories of our lives” at the Cambridge River Festival – StoryStream Tent

Saturday, June 6

“Stories of our lives”

Find True Story Theater at the Cambridge River Festival.
We will be at the Storystream Storytelling Tent on the corner of Mass Ave. and Sydney St.