New to True Story Theater?  Please read description below the event.

Stories About Getting Along

Arlington Center Yoga Studio 369 Mass Ave, Arlington, United States

We all want to get along …but how?


Stories about Assumptions

Arlington Center Yoga Studio 369 Mass Ave, Arlington, United States

Have you ever made a shockingly wrong assumption? Or had others make assumptions about you? Are assumptions ever helpful? Lets learn from each others stories…


Using Playback Theater in your field

Leslie University - Porter Campus 1815 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, United States

Join Lesley University and True Story Theater for an evening of performance, discussion and training to see how Playback can be used in YOUR field, with YOUR population, in YOUR community.


Stories of Spirit

Arlington Center Yoga Studio 369 Mass Ave, Arlington, United States

Saturday May 10, 2014, 7:30pm - 9:15pm “Stories of Spirit” Our community is rich with spiritual diversity. Whether we identify as Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, pagan, Wiccan, atheist, agnostic -- or something not on this list-- how we hold the inexplicable mysteries of life underlies many of our daily experiences and relationships. Tonight we’ll share […]

$10 – $20

Party Performance Fundraiser

Arlington Center for the Arts 20 Academy Street, Arlington, MA, United States

Click here to get tickets! >> Our annual True Story Theater fundraiser party will be November 2nd 1:00-3:30pm at the Arlington Center for the Arts. Please plan to arrive by 1:15pm. Join us for an afternoon with delicious appetizers, great company, and magical improvisational theater. Come help True Story serve communities in the Boston area and […]

$25 – $100

Bystander Intervention – The Conversation Continues

Church of Christ Milton 330 Edge Hill Road, Milton, MA, United States

  Please join us on Thursday September 6th as we reflect on racial and social justice in our lives and how we are taking constructive actions to address everyday bigotry, public harassment, and obliviousness on a personal and daily basis. We will weave audience stories with live theater, role play scenarios and conversations on being a bystander/upstander. […]


Finding Connections in Grief Conference

Framingham Sheraton 1657 Worcester Rd., Framingham, MA, United States

  Annual weekend conference where bereaved individuals will unite to find hope, healing, and a sense of community while also learning from and sharing with others. The conference offers will provide a safe place where attendees can connect with others who have experienced the devastating loss of a loved one to substance use-related causes.   […]

What happens in a True Story Theater performance?  Our events bring together the delight of improvisation with the courageous vulnerability of people sharing their personal truth.

The show’s emcee (called “the conductor”) facilitates brief, spontaneous conversations with volunteers from the audience who share their own feelings and experiences related to the show’s theme.  After each conversation, the actors and musician immediately embody the key feelings and actions they heard, using movement, music, dialogue, and superb listening. All of it is improvised on the spot. During the course of a 75 minute show, True Story enacts about 6-8 stories.

From this simple interaction, audience members feel validated, laugh, cry, get insights about their lives, and feel an expanded sense of community. You can share a moment from your life and see it performed, or just come to watch.

What are True Story Theater’s classes like?  We will teach you the basics of Playback Theatre, which can hone your listening skills for everyday life.  All are welcome.  Classes are supportive, informal, intimate, and fun, an enriching experience for both newcomers and experienced actors.