Christopher Ellinger

True Story Theater is a precious creative family.  Because we rehearse by hearing each others’ personal stories and playing them back, we get to know each other deeply.   I wake up each day grateful to be part of this loving and generous group.

Christopher EllingerDirector

Might you want to audition?

Are you looking to do creative improvisational theatre with heart? To work with communities who often don’t have their experiences honored?

Come audition to join our Boston-area ensemble. We perform Playback Theatre for community-based organizations, honoring stories told by audience members.

Our events create a respectful atmosphere where every voice can be heard and any story told — however ordinary or extraordinary, difficult or joyful. True Story Theater offers audiences fresh perspectives, deeper connections, and a renewed appreciation for our common humanity.

What we look for:
· Strong acting skills: both as an ensemble player and as a solo performer
· Empathic listening skills
· Perceptiveness to discern why the story is important to the teller and commitment to play back the heart of the teller’s story
· Comfortable with movement-based work
· Strong teamwork and ensemble skills

What we offer you:
· The opportunity to perform in a selection of wide variety of shows (you would use an online calendar to indicate which ones are of greater interest to you and work for your schedule–out of over 50 shows in a year).
· The satisfaction of being of service to varied (including many underserved) communities throughout greater Boston
· The joy of being part of a caring and creative ensemble
· Opportunity to be an active performer while keeping a sane schedule (e.g. some of our members have full-time jobs and/or children.)
We greatly appreciate that all actors volunteer most of their time (except for modest stipends when we get grants). We cover costs of your training, retreats and performing.

Time commitment:
· Perform at least nine times a year, preferably more often at first, until you’re up to speed.
· Come to rehearsal on the first Sunday afternoon of the month in Arlington.  You are strongly encouraged to come to more–rehearsals happen most Sundays (in the afternoon or evening). After your first year it’s ok to come to fewer rehearsals.
· After you first join, do extra training for 3-6 months to get your skills up to performance level.  We offer drop-in classes at least once a month.
· One weekend company retreat (usually in the early fall), and sometimes a 1-2 day training per year.
· We ask new members to make a commitment to the company for one year…and hope you will stay for at least two (since a large portion of the first year you are getting up to speed).

Intrigued? Here are the steps:

a) Learn about True Story Theater:
· Read carefully through our website and the audition guidelines below.
· As soon as you can, both (1) see us perform (if you haven’t already) and (2) come to a class or workshop listed on the website calendar. There you can have a first-hand experience of Playback Theatre and meet some of the troupe members.  Note that attending at least one show and one class are requirements before auditioning.

(b) Let the director know of your interest: Email Christopher Ellinger, Director, to briefly tell us you are interested in auditioning, and why.  Christopher will let you know if what you are looking for and what the troupe needs is aligned at this moment.

(c) Apply: Fully complete and email Christopher the linked application questions.

(d) Schedule yourself into the next audition.  Most years we hold auditions only once a year.

(e) If you pass the audition (and still want to join) engage in a 4-month apprenticeship training period, so you and everyone in the troupe can meet and play together. At the end of that point we’ll mutually decide if it’s a good fit!