Sponsor a Performance in Your Community

Many community groups that most need to have their stories heard don’t have the money to pay. Your $500 donation will enable us to go to them.  If you can’t afford $500, you can partner with 1-4 others. Sponsors receive our monthly email newsletter with updates on our latest events plus one free pass per month to bring a friend to a performance.

Please contact Christopher Ellinger to discuss your interests so we can find the best match!
Email: Christopher [at] TrueStoryTheater [dot] org

You can name a specific group you would love for us to work with.  Or pick one of the constituencies below —  all people we work with — and we’ll approach the group with the good news that they’ve been selected for a performance!

* Interfaith teen leaders
* People formerly incarcerated & dealing with recovery issues
* Hospice and cancer survivors
* Local immigrant groups
* Seniors

True Story Theater gratefully acknowledges the support of:

The City of Boston
Foley Hoag Foundation
The Harnisch Family Foundation
The Jubilation Foundation
Triskeles Foundation
The Cultural Councils of Arlington, Belmont and Cambridge
and many individual donors