Significant volunteer opportunities

Are we a good match?

  • Are you a retired person, or a stay-at-home parent, looking to do something substantial and meaningful?  Please consider joining the small True Story business team.  We are looking to add one or two new people where all of us feel easy connection built on shared values, communication skills and style.
  • We are open to many mix-and-match options in terms of roles, skills, and hours.  Check out possibilities below.  You can create a menu of jobs that interest you.
  • After a three-month mutual trial period, we would wish for at least a year’s commitment with the option of longer term.  We want people who are excited to exploring having True Story becoming a meaningful, ongoing part of their lives.

Marketing and communications

  • Social media:   You could help our Facebook pages (True Story Theater and  Playback North America) fulfill potential we have not yet touched: to reach much larger numbers of people, to offer inspirational content, and to become fun and creative pages worthy of sharing. You bring our work to other social media platforms, too.
  • E-newsletter:  About twice a month we send out an e-bulletin about our upcoming public events to a few thousand people.  You could help this grow into a much fuller and livelier-newsletter that makes visible all the powerful private work we do for specific communities.
  • Video:  You could help us create short edited video clips of performers and post-show testimonials.
  • Programs for stakeholders:  We have the beginnings of a “Fans of True Story” program, and have relationships with a small handful of major donors (gifts of $500-$2,500).  You could help both of these grow into robust programs.

Nonprofit management   

  • Help get performance contracts:  This involves having conversations with prospective client organizations about how we can best serve their needs.  Usually, they call us, but sometimes we reach out first to them.
  • Manage gigs:  Oversee the logistics of performances by being the liaison with both the organization that hired us and the cast members who will perform.  Attend performances to manage the room.
  • Grant writing:  You could help us research funding opportunities, evaluate which are worth applying to, and write grants using prior applications as templates. 
  • Organizational development:  Help envision how the organization might develop in the coming years and what’s needed to fulfill those visions.  Work to bring in skillful, collaborative Board members and support the Board members to stay engaged. 


  • If you haven’t yet, look thoroughly through our website, and attend a performance and/or workshop.  
  • Write us an email describing your interest and experience and ask a few questions.  (Don’t sweat it.)  Include your phone number.  If you seem a good match, we’ll set up a phone call, and after that, an in-person meeting if we all want to more seriously explore the work together.

Hope to hear from you soon!