Reflect on life transitions

Harness the healing power of Playback Theatre with a personal session specially for you.  For 1-2 hours, two to four actors will be at your service to deeply explore the issue of your choice through theater.  You can be alone or with a few others you select.   You can be the focus for the whole time or hear from others in the room.  The session can be in your living room, in a hospital or hospice room, at our studio, or another location of your choice.  A Personal Playback session helps provide release, perspective, insight and closure.

A personal session can help you:

Privately mark important changes

  • Children leaving home
  • Job changes
  • Moving
  • Surgery

Heal from difficult experiences

  • Relationship breakups
  • Miscarriages
  • Health issues
  • Work stress

Address interpersonal conflicts — – between partners, friends, parents and teens…

  • Misunderstandings
  • Differences in values or ideology


I deeply appreciate the work you do. There is such “magic” in how you bring the stories to life.  I understand some of how that magic happens – deep deep listening – because I spent several years in Daena Giardella’s improv workshops and Ellen Oak’s Wisdom at Play classes. I took the workshops not to become an improv actor, but to confront myself with personal growth. It was an opportunity to “reincarnate” an infinite number of times and ways, and to confront my own edges and monsters.  Thank you for doing this magical healing work, and for doing it  so very well! -Mary Harrison

Contact us with questions and to set up your own session.