Create memorable private events

A True Story Theater performance is delightfully entertaining, yes, but it offers you far more!  Participants enjoy a structured, safe and fun way to speak from their hearts and get to know each other deeply in a short amount of time.  It sparks meaningful conversations that can then be continued in the hours, days and weeks after the event.   Especially when celebrations bring together diverse sets of people who don’t yet know each other well, True Story provides a powerful way to build connections.

Make your next event unforgettable with a True Story performance or workshop:

  • weddings (gay and straight)
  • family reunions
  • birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, retirement
  • bar/bat mitzvah or confirmations
  • life transitions (i.e., career changes, moves to a new home, project launchings)

Bring people together through intimate storytelling:

  • both sides of the family at a wedding
  • grievers at a memorial
  • community of friends when a marriage dissolves
  • different generations at a family reunion

What a beautiful and meaningful performance the night before our wedding!  We were touched by how gently and generously you treated the stories of our families and closest friends. It helped us reflect on what was bringing us together and where the two of us are headed in the future.

When my best friend and I celebrated our 50th friendship anniversary, we didn’t want it to be just about us, but about everyone’s longest friendships.  How could we bring in the stories of other people at the gathering? Thanks to True Story Theater, many friendship stories were shared, and friendship itself was celebrated in a bigger, bolder way.

I decided to bring the magic of True Story Theater to my 35th birthday party.  Their performance was the most talked about event of the night, and my community of friends were blown away.  I can’t think of a single thing that would make an event more memorable than to have True Story Theater come in and bring people’s stories to life.