“Storytelling, play, and laughter permeate my days and evenings since I moved, and I can’t help but think of how much True Story has formed me into a community member ready to embrace these aspects of life.” -Myles Green

Want to take Playback Classes this Spring?

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Drop in welcome–but must RSVP at least 3 days ahead!

Classes: Stretch your limits with delight

Whether you’re a veteran actor or the very thought of being on stage fills you with fright, our classes offer a satisfying and fun experience.  We create an informal, connective and environment where even complete beginners feel comfortable and affirmed.  Newbies uncover their ability to trust and express themselves.  Experienced improvisers bring their skills to a new level of authenticity and emotional depth.  Everyone sharpens their ability to listening and empathize — essential skills for everyday relationships.

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Our classes can help you:

Become a better presenter

  •   Speak with expressiveness
  •   Engage the power of storytelling

Listen more skillfully

  • Discern underlying feelings and needs
  • Help people feel deeply heard

Develop your spontaneous and playful qualities

  • Release your inner critic
  • Free your body and voice

Meet creative people

  • Connect deeply and playfully
  • Meet in an intimate, honest, safe environment

Have fun

  • Take just the right level of risk
  • Laugh, cry, play, grow, celebrate

Learn Playback Theatre

  • Gain skills needed to join or start a performing troupe
  • Explore ways to integrate Playback into your work and daily life