#1 – Playback mobilizes action

Which would you prefer:  to listen to a panel of experts with Power Point slides?  Or to see theater?

Recently, True Story was the “opening act” at an educational event, “Preventing Senior Abuse” attended by 150 seniors and professional advocates Arlington Town Hall.  We had just 30 minutes, but in that time enacted three powerful, pre-selected true stories from seniors who had faced abuse: financial scams, hurtful family members, enforced isolation.

At one point, Felix played an alcoholic son whose anger made his elderly mother feel like a hostage.  After the show, we learned that an audience member left after his portrayal, telling a volunteer at the resource tables, “Give me one of those information sheets.  I see now I need to do something about my home situation.”

The panel of experts who spoke after our show enjoyed a warmed-up audience that truly understood the importance of their message.  It was a vivid illustration  of how Playback can amplify the impact of more traditional-format presentations.